Stars and Stripes

This Fourth of July themed party will feature lots of beer pong fun in the day. Come evening time, LA based Parrish James will drop hip hop tunes with support from Tyler Made.


Samarpana – The Asian festival of Classical dance is a landmark festival which gathers dance practitioners, scholar and students to explore the present and future of Indian classical dance.

Mindful Mondays

Mindful Mondays, a weekly public series, offers free yoga sessions and workshops in collaboration with different health and wellness practioners. Part of its line up include meditation sessions with Nirvana Mind, a local community which offers guided meditation classes to enrich your physical, mental and emotional health. Register for a spot here.

Where the WILDLINGS at

This exhibition features more than 40 artists from Indonesia and Singapore, such as Gary Choo and Eric Foenander, reinterpreting characters from the popular Game of Thrones series, spanning original artworks and prints.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen and His Family

This exhibition places a special focus on Dr. Sun’s loved ones, and their personal sacrifices and contributions made in support of his cause.  It will feature lesser-documented members of Dr Sun’s family such as his elder brother, Sun Mei, who eventually fell into bankruptcy to fund Dr. Sun’s revolutionary activities. Over 170 objects ranging from […]