The best 11 ice-cream places in Singapore

More than just a nostalgic childhood treat, like many foods in Singapore, ice cream is perennially trendy. Here are our top eleven picks, from the homey to the hipster.

The Daily Scoop

They’ve been around for more than 10 years now, and it’s really a testament to how good their ice creams are (egg-free, no less). With offerings like brandied fig & honey, ginger crumble and Yellow Brick Road (caramelized banana and brownie), it’s tough to beat. Fans of local desserts will appreciate the chendol, cempedak and Durian-Durian. Single scoops start from $3.50.

Holy Cow Creamery

This hip homemade ice cream specialist serves indulgent waffles topped with ice cream flavors like Earl Grey Lavender and Mao Shan Wang. A waffle and ice cream combo starts at $6.50. It also serves coffee made with beans from local coffee roasters Santiano and their the latte ($4.50) here is smooth, nutty and balanced.

Island Creamery

They’ve got local palates in mind with flavors including pineapple tart, kopi, teh tarik and pulut hitam. Be sure to shake on heaps of Horlicks and Milo powder for an extra sugar hit. For boozehounds, there’s even Tiger beer sorbet and Kahlua latte. $3.50 per scoop.

Marble Slab Creamery

Choose from 21 different flavors from a total of more than 48 at any one time—French Vanilla, Cheesecake and Apple n’ Spice are just some examples. Then there are the mix‑ins—think fresh fruits, teddy grahams, caramelized biscuits and Reese’s peanut butter cups. $4.90 upwards.


The organic ice cream cups come topped with honey and various toppings like red ginseng syrup and almond flakes or chocolate with milo crunchy bites. There are also 13 different flavors to choose, with prices staring at $4.90.


his cute ice cream parlor at up-and-coming lifestyle enclave Victory 8, serves waffles and ice cream with flavors like black sesame and peanut madness. Also on the menu are cakes like Durian Cheesecake ($6), brownie and ice cream ($7) and coffee starting from $3.

Neh Neh Pop

Located in a space right beside Artichoke restaurant (and by the very same chef, Bjorn Shen), it does unusual, double-coated ice cream creations like mango sticky rice nd toasted coconut flakes. If you’re looking for a hip throwback, go straight for the strawberry pockie with strawberry ripple ice cream, white chocolate dip and, of course, strawberry Pocky sticks. Each stick is $7.


Flavors like pistachio and lemon are the specialty at this respected Italian gelato at The Star Vista. Order a cup (from $4.80), cone (from $4.50) or—for an extra buck—get them to shape your gelato into a rose ($5.80).

Sunday Folks

This new yummy dessert venue serves six different flavors of soft-serve ice cream (including delish gula melaka and pistachio), crispy egg waffles, and a range of cakes that vary in flavor depending on the season. $7.20 for a single scoop with cone.

Tom’s Palette

Flavors in their portfolio include tangy basil, tofu & dates, pumpkin & winter melon, rosemary-apple, caramelized onion and even seaweed. Less adventurous types can stick with equally gratifying flavors like Granny’s Favorite or Melt & Sizzle, studded with fizzy pop rocks. $3.60 upwards.


Locally inspired flavors like Mao Shan Wang durian and Gila Melaka, a fragrant gula melaka (palm sugar) ice cream with nuggets of chewy attap chee (palm seeds) get our vote, while alcohol aficionados can choose from various alcohol-spiked flavors including Choya Lime Umeshu and Tira miss u. $3.60-6.10 per scoop.