The cool side of Siem Reap

How to squeeze in both the hip and the historical in a short weekend visit to Cambodia’s UNESCO-listed heritage heartland. 

The Daily Roundup

A pretty crepe and galette-specialty cafe in the cool The Working Capitol.

Figuratively Speaking

Featuring over 40 portraits and figures of humans, this exhibition ropes in 11 artists from Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia to show the countries’ different cultures, heritage and identities. 

Asia Fashion Future

The British Council and Lasalle College of the Arts bring Asian and international fashion experts like Lucy Siegle, Frances Corner, Ong Shunmugam and Ling Wu, as well as retailers like Zalora and Lane Crawford for a short course on the global fashion movement. Divided into two parts, there’s a fashion discussion and a workshop about […]

A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess’ landmark novel A Clockwork Orange is turned into a stage show after much back-and-forth with the ratings board. Revolving around protagnish Alex DeLarge, who is caught and jailed by the police, he then volunteers to undergo aversion therapy in order to solve society’s crime issues. However, it doesn’t according to the plan at all. […]

Dear Painter

This exhibition features contemporary aesthetic paintings from nine local artists including Chun Kaifeng, Chun Kai Qun, Warren Khong and Jane lee. There’s also a walking tour with curator June Yap, too. 

Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road

The shopping strip closes yet again for a night dedicated to pedestrians. There are live performances, special deals and extended shopping hours from the Scotts Road and Paterson Road junction, all the way to Bideford.