Butchers Club Burger

A gritty gourmet burger restaurant in Clarke Quay that specializes in dry-aged patties.

Grain Traders

A gourmet build-your-own bowl CBD cafe where you can load up on carbs, veggies and various proteins.

Maggie Joan’s

A non-descript modern Mediterranean restaurant tucked in a Gemmill Lane alley

Sleepwalker Series Presents Acid Baby Jesus

The Greek-born psych-rock band, Acid Baby Jesus, will perform heavy rock n’ roll tunes from their latest LP Selected Recordings for the first time in Singapore. Expect to hear hits like “It’s On Me” and “Vegetable”, alongside the performance of The Shabbab from Melbourne as well.


This Malaysian fan favorite contemporary jazz singer is back in town to perform her slew of groovy tunes. She’s worked alongside superstars like Pharrell, Owl City and Incubus and will be performing songs from her latest album Rescue.