Butchers Club Burger

Riding on the gourmet burger trend is this Hong Kong-based burger chain which specializes in dry-aged beef patties. While the location may be a little head scratching, the nightlife destination is slowly shedding its image as a nightclub-dominated area to make way for grittier concepts. The menu is pretty simple, with a few types of burgers available, like the mouthwatering Hogtown (stuffed with dry aged patty, pulled pork, bacon, honey mustard and Gouda). There’s even a vegetarian chickpea and halloumi-based burger, as well as an Asian-inspired Wu Tang burger with a patty fried in sriracha and topped with tempura sweet potato and kimchi. And from what we can see so far, it seems like this burger joint is taking cues from some other gourmet restaurants in town, complete with grafittied walls and a no-nonsense-just-good-food vibe.