A Chinese restaurant, club lounge, alfresco courtyard bar and a riverside dining space under one roof.

Teppan Kaiseki Satsuki

Duxton Hill is no stranger to Japanese restaurants, but among them is the special fine dining delight of Satsuki. The beautiful space is devoted to an inventive mix of teppanyaki and kaiseki, exemplified in the crafstmanship of French-trained chef Motomatsu Takashi. The cooking methods and even the crockery are a blend of French and Japanese. […]

Hokkaido Izakaya

Think Hokkaido and one might picture a winter wonderland of snow-capped mountains and natural hot springs. But foodies will know that this northernmost part of Japan is home to a wondrous bounty from both the sea and the land. Serving up delicious dishes prepared with this plethora of fresh seafood, quality beef, vegetables and dairy, […]