Inaniwa Yosuke

Known for its superior, handmade udon noodles, this eatery takes its name both from the Akita prefecture village (Inaniwa) where the noodle recipe comes from and the local family (Yosuke) that preserved the recipe for centuries. It is said to have been developed back in 1665 and for a long time was for the exclusive […]

BAM! Restaurant

Located on a foodie street teeming with quality restaurants, BAM! Restaurant stands out from the rest by offering a culinary experience encompassing “Modern Shudo”. In Japanese, “shu-do” translates to “sake-way”, and at BAM!, chef Pepe Moncayo and his team have created a menu that showcases a contemporary way of sake appreciation, pairing it with Spanish-influenced cuisine. Moncayo explains, “When compared to wine, sake’s acidity is […]


A rustic bakehouse on East Coast Road serving the first woodfire-baked bread in Singapore