Makeup for hot weather: Smashbox’s Always On Skin-Balancing Foundation and Halo Healthy Glow 4-In-1 Perfecting Pen

Wearing makeup in our 35-degree heat (which feels more like 39 degrees Celsius these days) means things get sticky, sweaty, and uncomfortable – fast.  That’s why long-wearing makeup that can withstand sweat and humidity are essential to surviving Singapore’s tropical weather. A lightweight foundation is usually recommended to prevent makeup from melting in the heat and […]

Future heirlooms, collectible jewellery in Risis Spring/Summer ’24 collection

In 1974, RISIS launched the first ever gold-plated orchid – a significant moment for many reasons, not least of which for the plating technology that the label would push to perfection in the ensuing years, and the international prominence to which it would elevate local orchid varieties. This year, 50 years after the launch of […]