Future heirlooms, collectible jewellery in Risis Spring/Summer ’24 collection

1974 Phalaenopsis Cuff Bangle
1974 Phalaenopsis cuff bangle

In 1974, RISIS launched the first ever gold-plated orchid – a significant moment for many reasons, not least of which for the plating technology that the label would push to perfection in the ensuing years, and the international prominence to which it would elevate local orchid varieties.

This year, 50 years after the launch of their first gold-plated orchids, RISIS unveils a 2024 Spring-Summer Collection that pays homage to their heritage and craftsmanship. The gold-encased orchids remain at the centre of the Collection but a new attitude marked with daring and innovation has been worked around it.

 1974 Phalaenopsis necklace
1974 Phalaenopsis necklace

Named ‘1974’ as a tribute to label’s beginnings, the Collection features bold statement pieces in the form of body chains that can be worn in various ways, and hand chains that combine rings and a bracelet. These pieces give the wearer the freedom to explore their individual style and set ways to express themselves with exquisite pieces of jewellery.

A new line of hair accessories has also been added to the range to bring highlight to other parts of the body and to complete a dressier style of wearing various pieces.

1974 Vanda and Doritaenopsis hair clip
1974 Vanda and Doritaenopsis hair clips

Freshwater pearls have been introduced to add flair to select jewellery. Recognisable classics – necklaces, earrings, and brooches – make a comeback as proof of their timeless beauty. Several of these have been updated in dimension and form.

There are also pieces inspired by and named after the wife of the scientist who perfected the proprietary gold-plating technology. The Oncidium Engeline Lee earrings and necklace are available as a special homage to the brand’s origins and inspirations.

Clockwise from top: 1974 Oncidium earrings, 1974 Phalaenopsis brooch (limited edition), 1974 Oncidium chain brooch
Clockwise from top: 1974 Oncidium earrings, 1974 Phalaenopsis brooch (limited edition), and 1974 Oncidium chain brooch

Most importantly, the collection, with its unmatched stylistic possibilities, marks a departure from the gold-plated “gift items” that the Risis orchids have long been. With this new collection, they are collectible jewellery pieces that will become heirlooms in the years to come.

The Risis Spring/Summer 2024 collection is currently available at Risis boutiques and online at risis.com.

A version of this article first appeared in Solitaire.