Go on virtual tours of the ArtScience Museum with their new online programme

As the world isolates and people lie dormant in their homes, art and science continues to meet at the Marina Bay Sands.

The folks behind the ArtScience Museum are bringing all your favourite programmes online, including ArtScience Late, Conversations and ArtScience on Screen, through their new ArtScience at Home initiative.

Their two ongoing exhibitions—Future World: Where Art Meets Science and 2219: Futures Imagined—are currently already airing as a guided video tour series. While you won’t be able to get that much-wanted Instagram shot of Crystal Universe anytime soon, at least now you’ll get to check out the exhibitions without a ticket.

But first, kicking things off with a bang is online conference Feeling the Future. It takes place over several weeks starting April 28, and it centrally seeks to examine a future world where uncertainty and anxiety (exacerbated by Covid-19, of course) is prevalent. How will people cope in such a future?

They’re getting expert speakers like Ariel Muller from sustainability non‐profit Forum for the Future, Cheryl Chung from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, among many others, to weigh in on the issue.

On a lighter note, expect living room music jams and art performances to be aired on their platforms too, as part of ArtScience Late going online. They have a whole schedule of activities planned, so tune in to their social channels to stay updated on the latest.

More info on ArtScience at Home here.