Discover the meaning of wellness through unique art experiences at AIYOH

With health and wellness becoming a major topic of conversation these days, independent arts organisation OH! Open House will be hosting a series of unconventional art experiences that explores this timely subject through its ongoing programme, AIYOH (we appreciate how the acronym sounds exactly like the colloquial term we often use, giving it cadence, even though it carries none of its meaning).

The second experiential series of Art In Your Own Home, AIYOH: Being Well (Nov 16-24) will allow locals to catch exciting, interactive performances by three teams of creatives, as they discuss what it truly means to “be well”.

, Discover the meaning of wellness through unique art experiences at AIYOH
AIYOH: Being Well Nithiya x Supei x Mike

First, head to Nithiya x Supei x Mike, where you’ll be taken into the future to imagine (and possibly taste) what food might soon be like; then put on your favourite workout ‘fit as Pat x Cheryl focuses on fitness and being comfortable in your own skin. Also, Yen x Pauline will be here to remind us all that the home should always remain a safe space for rest and rejuvenation.

If the description of the acts seem a little sparse, it’s only to avoid giving away fun details of what’s to come. Besides, it’s fair to give OH! the benefit of the doubt, after all the interesting and cool insights their first AIYOH series Passport (which touched on identity and belonging) brought.

Plus, if you feel particularly inspired after catching some of the performances, you can always sign-up as a collaborator yourself and pair up with other like-minded individuals to enjoy a 45min art experience together.

AIYOH: Being Well will be held from Nov 16-24 at various locations around Singapore; exact locations will be revealed upon ticket purchase. Tickets ($20 each) and more information available here.