Stay home and catch online musical performances with Esplanade Offstage

It’s safe to say that we’ve seen better days since the Covid-19 pandemic. But between all the new measures regarding social distancing, organisations like Esplanade are still committed to providing quality entertainment for the public, be it at their premises or online.

For the month of March, the iconic arts venue will continue to provide free performances within its vicinity, centered predominantly around the themes of Soul Jam and Foreword. The former features soul, funk and R&B music while the latter touches on the spoken word. Check out acts like Soul Jam Party with Trisno & Friends (Mar 22) for funky beats in this one-night party, or enjoy a riveting storytelling session that incorporates tunes at iNCH x Tan Lixin (Mar 23-24).

, Stay home and catch online musical performances with Esplanade Offstage

There’re also plenty of dining and shopping deals at the Esplanade Mall; just at a glance, two pints of beers are going for $22 between 12-8pm daily at Harry’s, and the Symphony Cafe Lounge is offering one-for-one deals with selected main courses.

But for those who are currently under quarantine or self-isolation, fret not. Tons of free online musical performances will be broadcasted at Esplanade Offstage, the arts centre’s multimedia site that provides free-to-access videos, stories and podcasts about the arts. The site has already been populated with performances since its launch in October 2019, but you can look forward to new releases. That includes musical showcases by folks such as Singapore mandopop duo StellaVee; Guitar Prasanna Trio featuring Mohini Dey and Harvey Wirht; as well as Fredo, aka the frontman of legendary 1970s Singapore rock band The Flybaits.

So even if you’re just practicing responsible social distancing, remain in the comfort of your own home with these free musical performance broadcasts. You won’t be missing out on much thanks to Esplanade’s online offerings.

See Esplanade’s March line-up here. Check out Esplanade Offstage here.