Have a dinner and dance that tells the love story of a samsui woman during WW2

Immersive dinner and dance events people Project Plait is back for yet another experiential affair. You may have caught their previous food and dance performances that were based around different themes such as traditions, childhood and daily work life, but this time, they’re back with something more theatrical.

Project Plait’s latest and upcoming production, titled A Samsui Love Story: A Food & Dance Affair, will tell the tale of a samsui woman in 1937 Singapore as tensions build in the lead up to World War 2. Things aren’t as simple as it seems when she falls in love with a satay man, who is hiding his real identity as an undercover spy.

If you’ve been to their past events, you’ll know what to expect—a five-course dinner being served as the above story unfolds in theme with the food presented. Once again, Chef Nixon Low (previously from Portico and Jiakpalang Eating House, now with Tung Lok Group) will be presenting his signature mod-sin cuisine while a dance by choreographer Naomi Tan takes place.

A Samsui Love Story: A Food & Dance Affair runs from Jul 17-20, 7.30pm at Caldwell House Alcove @ Chijmes. Tickets are going for $105 each here.