All-new festival Power Play is here to explore the possibilities of contemporary art

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something new and refreshing from the local arts scene. And perhaps knowing this, a newly-established independent biennial festival has arrived to curb our hankering for more.

Launched by practicing artists in Singapore, Power Play is set to be an inclusive platform to empower diverse artistic voices and push the boundaries of contemporary art content as well as programming. So this Oct 23-Nov 8, mark your calendars for a fully immersive, digital festival that spotlights the possibilities of contemporary art in a light-hearted and playful manner.

The inaugural edition entitled Invisible Lines will be supported by over 40 international and local artists from 18 geographical locations. Together, they aim to explore, question and subvert the invisible lines of power as experienced through sociocultural, socioeconomic, and sociopolitical narratives within our everyday lives, giving the festival its name.

, All-new festival Power Play is here to explore the possibilities of contemporary art
Alecia Neo, Homeostasis, 2017. (Image courtesy of the artist)

As for the highlights, get excited to witness online performances, talks, exhibits and more. First, there’s None Other Ness where performance artist Nicole Phua performs with six family members across three generations. Solely relying on bodily gestures, Phua seeks to unravel the layers of self-concept and identity by removing existing labels and categorisation. Then, think about the human race at Out of Lines, which presents portraits of six radically different people illustrated by lines that symbolise DNA.

Later, also see Nature Shankar’s creation of vibrantly-coloured textile paintings which is a look at the topic of xenophobia; as well as Prick Series, that rethinks the idea of comfort zones.

With such a wide variety of programmes arriving online at this unique and exciting event that’s backed by the National Arts Council alongside the Arts House Limited and more, just view all the activities that will be made available here. And although you may be inclined to stick with performances you’re familiar with, you should also just try your hand at something new.

After all, Power Play is here to rejuvenate and shake up the arts scene, and you’ll want to be a part of it when it does.

Power Play happens from Oct 23-Nov 8 online. More information available here.