Reflect on the ongoing pandemic with Sigma Contemporary Dance at its latest showcase

Earlier this year, you may recall that local dance troupe Sigma Contemporary Dance took an unconventional look at surveillance through an online dance performance via Facebook Live. If you thoroughly enjoyed that performance, then get excited again as the dance company returns this December with a two-week long dance experience encompassing performances, dialogues, masterclasses and more.

First, the newest performance by the ensemble entitled Hypnagogia will take place via Facebook Live again on Dec 6 and 13, and is a reflection of the impacts sustained from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The second collaboration between the company’s artistic director Hong Guofeng and musician Redwan Hamzah, the piece takes viewers through a vacant colonial bungalow, attempting to recreate the experience of a site-specific performance with the use of a 360-degree camera and sound experience as well.

 If you want a better understanding of the dance, partake in a short post-show dialogue after each screening on Facebook to hear more about the interesting performance.

, Reflect on the ongoing pandemic with Sigma Contemporary Dance at its latest showcase


At the same time, 12.ance will also be hosting a three-hour online masterclass by Pina Bausch Company’s Tsai-Wei, lessons and workshops by 10 local dance artists, as well as a one-of-a-kind improvisation jam between dancers and musicians, among others.

Plus, those who would like to check out Survei:ance again can do so on Dec 5 as the company will be doing a rerun of the captivating online performance.

So don’t miss the chance to catch dance pieces made for the new age, and support the local dance troupe by making donations of any amount since the performances aren’t ticketed. You can also check out the latest highlights here.

More information about Sigma Contemporary Dance and 12.ance available here.