Listen to Singapore’s most prolific singer-songwriters

Sorely missed are the days when we could enjoy our favourite artists live. Just as the local situation has started looking more optimistic, we present more good news to kick this year off.

For one night only, six of Singapore’s most raved about and talented musicians come together to present a night of unique acoustics. Singer-Songwriters: Some Strings Attached presents fresh interpretations of songs never performed live before, taking the audience on a theatrical and immersive journey through themes of heartbreak and love, despair and hope, and transformation.


, Listen to Singapore’s most prolific singer-songwriters


The brainchild of singer-songwriter Amanda Tee, who has been writing and performing for the past 18 years, incorporating orchestral interpretations into her own music is a lifelong dream come true for her. She also hopes to inspire a reawakening of the local arts scene with this event.

Helmed by composer-arranger Bang Wenfu, a 7-piece string ensemble and a rhythm band take the stage alongside Amanda, as well as participating singer-songwriters weish, Jack & Rai, lewloh, Jaime Wong, and Krysta Joy, promising to deliver an epic “concert we never knew we wanted” with their reimagined songs.

Happening on 18 Feb, 8.30pm at the Drama Centre Theatre, find out more here.


Ticket sales start 14 Jan.