The Arts House celebrates local literature through art and virtual reality this March

The Arts House is throwing its annual festival dedicated to Singaporean literature with the return of Textures: A Weekend with Words this Mar 13-22. Co-commissioned by The Arts House and #BuySingLit, this year’s edition will feature interactive elements that enliven and animate local works.

First, discover and be blown away by two installations out on the lawn, that will add dimension to the fictional worlds created by local illustrators Drewscape and Troy Chin. Drewscape’s imagined world will be brought to life through a giant lenticular cube for the curious to enter and explore; while Chin’s will showcase the accidental collision of various universes caused by one of his characters, Phoebe Su. The latter will even contain QR codes, forming a digital trail that awaits the adventurous.

Then head over to the House of Cheah, a re-creation of local comic artist Cheah Sin Ann’s studio, where some of his best works will be on display. Linger within the premises, as Cheah could very well be found in the area doing what he does best.

You’ll also find an immersive experience at Sorta Scary Singapore Stories, a virtual reality installation made in collaboration with four local illustrators. View 360° illustrations that interpret local horror stories with the use of VR headsets that come equipped with audio recordings. The closer you listen, the more haunting details you’ll uncover in the pictorials.

Also check out experiential installation O/Aural Waves—Spirited Words, helmed by master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran and Ferry, as this tech spin on supernatural stories explores the subject of superstition within the realms of religion, culture and spirituality.

, The Arts House celebrates local literature through art and virtual reality this March
BronzAge Gamelan (Credit: Jeff Low) 

For tunes, go ahead and enjoy traditional melodies by musical group BronzAge Gamelan, through performance Panggilan Pulau (An Island’s Call), a work that’s inspired by selected poems from Annaliza Bakri’s bilingual anthology Sikit-Sikit Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit.

But don’t forget to engage in insightful conversations at discussions too, at the likes of Talk with Mr Shaik Kadir (author of Kite in the Evening Sky); and In Story of A Journey, where Chinese travel writers share their experiences of documenting their adventures abroad.

There are a lot more that lie in store at Textures 2020. Not only will there be poetry readings on top of it all, but also roving performances and of course, the book bazaar to look forward to. There’s no better time to get lit with literature.

Textures 2020 happens Mar 13-22 at The Arts House. More information available here.