After being murdered in Julius Caesar, Jo Kukathas is back to direct another bloody play

Actress Jo Kukathas must have a strange affinity with blood-soaked productions. Just months after her role as the titular character in the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Julius Caesar—which featured at its climax a fabulously gruesome betrayal complete with a fountain of fake blood—she’s back in the limelight for another grisly SRT stint. This time, it’s to direct the Singapore premiere of the award-winning Guards at the Taj.

Written by American dramatist Rajiv Joseph in 2015, Guards at the Taj is a dark comedy based on a myth surrounding the Taj Mahal. It’s 1648, just moments before the newly completed Taj Mahal is to be unveiled to the world, and two low-ranking Imperial Guards are tasked to watch over it until its grand opening at dawn. But they are not allowed to look at this beautiful creation they’re guarding, built by 20,000 workers, which will one day become a Wonder of the World. When this concept of forbidden beauty collides with an order to perform an unspeakable task, the two have their friendship put to the test and their lives changed forever. A not-so-spoiler spoiler: there will be blood.

Previously performed in the UK and the US, the play will have its Asia premiere from Nov 14-Dec 1. Kukathas won’t be splattered with blood this time, but she will be directing the two-man cast playing the obedient and reticent Humayun, and the chatty dreamer Babur. The last time Guards at the Taj was performed in Singapore was when Joseph himself did a reading at the American Writers Festival here in 2015; now is your chance to watch his words brought to life on the stage.

Guards at the Taj will run from Nov 14-Dec 1 at KC Arts Centre. Tickets start from $45 and more information is available here.