This new multimedia exhibition and performance is inspired by Alan Hollinghurst’s bestselling novel

Those unfamiliar with Alan Hollinghurst’s bestselling novel The Swimming Pool Library will get a chance to learn more about this seminal work, as local theatre company T:>Works is about to put their spin on the classic LGBTQ+ story.

Happening from Oct 21-Nov 7, the show will be helmed by acclaimed multimedia artist Brian Gothong Tan, who aims to challenge the definitions and stereotypes of masculinity in his multimedia installation and performance which takes on the same name.

Drawing on his visual artist roots, expect Tan to delve into the storyline of The Swimming Pool Library, while engaging in discussions like how femininity may have a place in masculine culture.

Pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, the exhibition will be split into chapters that mark various milestones. Paper sketches, paintings, 3D printed sculptures, 3D film photography and DIY books will all be on display, to evoke memories of a boy trying to make sense of who he is, and where life will take him.

Complementing this is also a live performance specially choreographed for the cameras and performed in-situ at 72-13; it will also be broadcasted over the internet.

Starring theatre veterans and newcomers alike, The Swimming Pool Library is not to be missed.

Reveals Tan: “The Swimming Pool Library is my most personal work to date, and a fitting start to the atelier that I’m creating for T:>Works. I’m going back to the basics of my artistic practice, which is rooted in visual art. This work… is a lexicon of material and memories, images and imaginings.”

More information available here.