This new exhibition in Singapore is all about the vulva and intimate female self-care

Ladies, it’s time to get acquainted with your most intimate region through art.

All about the beauty of female self-care, waxing salon Strip and its product label Two Lips are hosting a first-of-its-kind art show in Singapore that spotlights the vulva.

Titled Voyage to the Vulva-verse, this unique art exhibition runs from now till Sep 22 at the Hatch Art Project to reveal truths about the female genital.

At the showcase, find works by eight artists including Amanda Tan, Ashley Yeo and Hee Suhui which discuss the vulva in all its glory. Besides digital illustrations, original 3D artworks will be on display as well.

Says Cynthia Chua, Founder of the Spa Esprit Group: “Voyage to the Vulva-verse aims to create open and honest conversations surrounding the vulva and intimate care, which is important if we want to continue breaking taboos and changing perspectives. We want to highlight the vulva as a natural and beautiful part of the body, one to be seen as a positive celebration and not one of shame and embarrassment.”

, This new exhibition in Singapore is all about the vulva and intimate female self-care

And in addition to the exhibition, just see how local females are embracing their nether regions in their online poll, Enter the Y-Zone. Shedding light on the public’s sentiments on the vulva, the poll also hopes to share the importance for women to become better acquainted with their bodies.

Finally, the campaign has partnered up with Go With The Flow as well, a local non-profit organisation that seeks to eradicate period poverty and period shame.

As part of the initiative, a collection of exclusive merchandise has been created and 20 percent of every purchase will be donated to Go With The Flow.

Just learn more about the campaign here, or book your tickets to the show here.