WATCH: A walk inside the private worlds of four local authors

Exploring new worlds has always been part and parcel of an author’s job. The need to break the confines of rote thinking doesn’t discriminate between genres—poetry, fiction, even translation all circle back to creating outside the box.

But what does that mean when translated into physical spaces? In line with this year’s Singapore Writers Festival theme of jie, or ‘world’, we took a walk into the private worlds of four Singaporean authors—Nazry Bahrawi, Annaliza Bakri, Tan Chee Lay and Charlene Shepherdson—to catch a glimpse of where they find their inspiration, how they push past physical (and creative) boundaries, and carve a space for themselves and their work. Whether it’s at a historical institution or a local swimming pool, there’s nothing like a walk to break out of writer’s block.

Get your tickets and join them as they explore new worlds at SWF 2018 here.