Hero reminds us why Total Defence Day is so important

As 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the indelible events that led to the Fall of Singapore, we commemorate our 38th Total Defence Day as a reminder of the now-foregone era of struggle and strife – a reminder to keep the spark of vigilance aflame in order to protect the strong and cohesive nation we have grown to become.

Inspired by the events of 1942, Singaporean teacher and author Leroy Lam’s graphic novella Hero hits the shelves, intending to become a learning tool that not only echoes the vision of our heroes, but also their patriotic beliefs and sentiments.


, Hero reminds us why Total Defence Day is so important


Set amidst the intense backdrop of World War 2, the tale follows Yaacob, a soldier in Lieutenant Adnan’s forces in the hours leading up to the national hero’s eventual demise. It sheds light on Yaacob’s driving motivation to survive the war: his wife and the home he had dreamt of building with her.

The 24-page visual journey is backed by an all-Singaporean creative team whose original illustrations grace the fully-coloured book with utmost dynamism, as well as a group of contributing cover artists born in every decade of Singapore’s history following World War 2 who helm the nine alternate cover options available for readers.

With engaging imagery and rich storytelling, Hero employs the imagination of subsequent generations of Singaporeans to reiterate the importance of remembering our history and Total Defence philosophy.


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