Even the tickets are polka dotted works of art

Returning after a year-long hiatus is A Design Film Festival, this time calling for fans of Yayoi Kusama and her explosive exhibitions to revisit her iconic, polka dotted works through a biographical recount of her journey and struggles that brought her radical artistic vision to the world stage.

The film festival is back for its eighth edition, premiering with Kusama Infinity: The Life and Art of Yayoi Kusama on Jun 22, at The Capitol Theatre.

With a dizzying flurry of polka dots, the Japanese contemporary artist made her mark in Singapore when locals and tourists alike flocked to her blockbuster exhibition Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow in 2017. Now at 90 years young, Kusama is as active as ever and regularly participates in a myriad of showcases; she has even opened a museum of her own in Tokyo.

Though her artworks exude joviality, life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows for the avant garde artist. As a female artist in Japan, Kusama endured and overcame numerous hurdles during her artistic pursuits, some of which include racism, sexism and mental illness. The 80-minute film aims to delve into the struggles of her early days while celebrating the fruits of her creative labour.

Tickets are priced at $15 and are specially designed to fit the theme. Score one for the physical ticket collectors.

Kusama Infinity: The Life and Art of Yayoi Kusama will premiere Jun 22 as part of A Design Film Festival 2019 at The Capitol Theatre. Time slots and tickets available here.