Treat yourself to a modern-day lifestyle essential with Wellnest Bird’s Nest

Looking for a quick skin boost while on the go? Introduce Wellnest Bird’s Nest into your regimen.

Backed by nearly a decade of scientific research, the first-of-its-kind formula is chock-full of nutritious ingredients that will without a doubt do wonders for your skin like they can for your health. We’re talking supreme antioxidants, premium collagen, and all that complexion-loving goodness.

Even if you’re busy (or lazy), their individually packed 10ml sachets boast an absorption rate better than traditional bird’s nest products in the market and make for a convenient, fuss-free way to get your nutrients in.


, Treat yourself to a modern-day lifestyle essential with Wellnest Bird’s Nest


Each bird’s nest sachet is packed with a rich medley of nature’s most precious ingredients – pure bird’s nest essence, prime 6-year-old Korean red Ginseng, and yummy Aronia berries targeted to give you a total rejuvenation. Not only will your skin be glowing from deep within, you’ll also be boosting your immune system and aiding your digestion too.

As part of the launch campaign, customers who purchase a box of Wellnest Bird’s Nest from now – 19 Mar will be eligible to register for a spot in the Star Influencer Awards 2022. Earn up to 20% commission as you compete, and stand a chance to win yourself a Mercedes-Benz A-Class saloon from Cycle & Carriage, luxury watches, cash, and other prizes. Winners are judged on absolute sales figures.


To find out more about how Wellnest Bird’s Nest fights ageing from the inside out, visit their website here.