You can now throw online viewing parties thanks to Instagram and this Netflix Chrome extension

The whole social distancing measure may be inconvenient and keeping us all at bay from each other, but that doesn’t need to mean complete isolation. In this digital age, technology always has an answer.

And doing just that is popular social media app Instagram with a new function, as well as this interesting Netflix Party Chrome Extension. First, the latter. It isn’t a feature on the world’s leading internet entertainment service, and neither is it produced by the company themselves, but offered by a service known as Netflix Party.

What it essentially does is allow you to have a viewing party, completely online. If you don’t already have Google Chrome, simply download the web browser and extension, before clicking on the Netflix Party extension which will appear in red at the top of your browser. Then all that’s left to do is to share the URL, having selected your desired movie or show.

A couple of things to note though; all viewers must own Netflix accounts, and the person running the extension will be the only one with control over the player. Don’t forget to check the Show Chat box too, as it allows you and your crew to send one another messages during the screening.

, You can now throw online viewing parties thanks to Instagram and this Netflix Chrome extension

As for Instagram, one of the main features they’ve recently rolled out to help users cope with the lack of physical social interaction is the new Co-Watching feature. Similar to the Netflix extension, this allows users to watch Instagram Stories as well as explore the app together. Basically, you get to play with filter effects and share what you’re seeing with a live feed of your pals.

To begin your video chat, users need only tap a new video call icon in the Direct inbox, or look for it in an existing Direct thread.

Human interactions can continue people—lockdowns have got nothing on us.

Learn more about Instagram’s new features here and download the Netflix Party Chrome Extension here.