Top Alkaline Water Dispensers in Singapore: Hydrate Healthily

We’ve all heard that it’s important to take at least eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy. And while tap water would suffice for a family in Singapore, a healthier and tastier affair would naturally make life that bit sweeter.

Touted as one of the healthiest water treatments, alkaline water is said to provide better health benefits, such as increased hydration, improvements in oxygen and energy levels, as well as neutralisation of harmful free radicals in the body.

With that in mind, we got down to rounding up the best alkaline water dispensers and machines for your home.

AmGlow’s 6-Stage Undersink Water Filter System

Purified Alkaline Water in Singapore

Getting it done at the source and pleasantly away from sight is AmGlow’s 6-Stage Water Filter, featuring an economical under-sink filtration system. Designed for thorough purification, this water filter connects to your primary faucet to remove 99.9% of contaminants, as well as to reduce odour, volatile organic chemicals, and the taste of chlorine for clean and crisp purified water. At the 5th stage of filtration, its alkaline remineralisation filter balances the pH level of the water and reintroduces healthy minerals like calcium, sodium, and potassium, to lend a rejuvenating boost to each sip. The system comes with free installation and a complimentary lead-free gooseneck faucet inclusion.

AOX’s Compac O2+

Alkaline ionized water Singapore

Don’t fancy plumbing or installing? Try the Compac O2+, otherwise known as the world’s first antioxidant alkaline dispenser with a built-in steriliser. Equipped with AOX’s patented filter technology, the Compac O2+ offers a hassle-free drinking experience by producing healthy drinking water straight from the dispenser. The machine also boasts an Active Oxygen Steriliser, which can effectively remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables, as well as sterilise hands, milk bottles, and other utensils. For the full experience, add on the Super Mini and enjoy water at four different temperatures within minutes of set-up. You’ll have 25°C for room temperature, 45°C for formula milk, and 75°C or 85°C for your hot cup of coffee.

Hydroflux’s Wish Water Purifier

Alkaline water Singapore with adjustable ph value

Singapore’s first and only tankless water dispenser with a stainless steel flowpath and faucet – it’s so sleek that you’ll even proudly have it displayed on your countertop. Using a tankless system, the Wish Water Purifier offers a 6-in-1 filter that adopts nanofiltration technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, norovirus, and rust from water molecules. Catered to suit each and every need, the dispenser serves water in both alkaline and non-alkaline states, with five different temperatures to choose from. With the touch of a button, you can also count on its smart sterilisation feature to remove any nasty microorganisms within the unit, so that’s one less thing to concern yourself over. Still not convinced? The Wish Water Purifier even has a built-in bluetooth speaker for the tech-savvy household.

Livingcare’s Jewel Series

Alkaline water

No list of best water dispensers would be complete without a nod to Livingcare’s acclaimed Jewel series, otherwise known as the first motorless alkaline water dispenser in Singapore. Coming in as the slimmest tankless dispenser on the market at a mere 13cm wide, this nifty unit is not to be taken lightly – with advanced 5-stage filtration technology, an automated self-cleaning function, as well as seven diverse temperature options to have your water at. This eco-friendly dispenser also automatically shuts down after three minutes of inactivity and consumes zero energy when not in use, making it the perfect energy-saving option.

Wells’ True Tankless UV+

Alkaline drinking water for overall health benefits

For a homeowner looking to build a snazzy, industrial-chic space, the True Tankless UV+ is a dream come true. It lets you hydrate your household with options of purified or alkaline water, packing a 9-stage filtration system that combines a multi-carbon filter and nano clean filter to remove heavy metals, excess chlorine, and up to 99.9% of noroviruses and bacteria. It also serves a constant supply of crisp water at five different temperatures and self-cleans with an automated 99.9% UV sterilisation every two hours.

Drink Alkaline Water for a Healthier Lifestyle in Singapore

These water purifiers can help achieve a significant improvement in taste. Make the swap to ionized alkaline water today, for the good health and well-being of you and your family members!