Galerie Sogan & Art

This young gallery showcases the cultural and historical significance of contemporary art through works from some of the most reputable and talented artists in Asia. One of the gallery’s strengths lies in Indonesian artworks, especially rare and vintage textiles. Given that one of the two founders, Vera Wijaya, was born and raised in Indonesia, it’s no surprise to find works from there prominently showcased. Together with partner Michelle Loh, Wijaya aims to provide further insight into the world of Asian art.
“Young artists’ sheer talent, passion and their willingness to experiment with new ideas, methods and media,” she says, “inspires me to want to learn more about art, culture, history, future and techniques.”
Founded in 2010, Galerie Sogan & Art has worked with highly regarded artistic institutions like the Institute Seni Yogyakarta, The National Art Gallery Singapore and Singapore Sculpture Square. Wijaya’s love for traditional pieces led to the gallery’s work with the Museum Batik Pekalongan, as well as with traditional batik art masters and contemporary textile artists—all with the purpose of using traditional methods to address contemporary topics and to instill a sense of identity and historical appreciation in textile collectors.
Its recent exhibition, 7/24: Sins “n” the City, presented a fresh take on traditional and contemporary art. Delving into perceptions of the human condition, renowned Indonesian photo artists Artli Ali, Davy Linggar, Marsio Juwono, Sinartus Sosrodjojo and Nico Dharmajungen used various techniques and genres to develop their images. Conventional photographs were designed in five markedly different styles: Political sloth, surrealist mixed media photography, romantic abstraction, conceptual and realist. That’s typical of what to expect from this fascinating new space.
“For 2011, the gallery will focus on contemporary Indonesian art presented in alternative media forms,” says Wijaya. With a list of exciting exhibitions coming up in the future, including works from emerging artists like Davy Linggar, Paul Kadarisman and Eng Siak Loy, Galerie Sogan & Art is a must-go gallery for any Asian art enthusiast.
Galerie Sogan & Art, 33B Mosque St., 6225-7686. Open Mon–Sat noon–7.30pm; Sun 2pm–5pm. Free.