Gattopardo launches new Champagne Brunch menu

Gattopardo launches its new Sunday brunch buffet this Sunday, February 13. The Italian grill and pizzabar, helmed by former Domvs chef Lino Sauro in a partnership with the Garibaldi Group, will present an enticing buffet spread of South Italian fare, ranging from quality salads and specialty cold cuts like Mortadella, Bresaola, a medley of fresh seafood including shucked […]

Fly direct to Chiang Mai with Air Asia

Jetstar’s new route is one in the eye for Air Asia, whose Singapore-Hangzhou route involves changing in KL. But they’re not taking it lying down. Their new, direct Singapore-Chiang Mai route, launched at the end of Jan, means the northern Thai city is now less than three hours flying time away, cutting out that painful […]

Jetstar now flies to Hangzhou, China

Thanks to Jetstar’s new direct Singapore-Hangzhou route commencing Mar 22, getting to Shanghai—only a couple of hours by bus from Hangzhou airport—on a budget is now easier than ever. Not that you have to rush when you get there. Hangzhou’s famous West Lake might be overrun with tourists, but Dragon Well Manor (399 Longjing Rd., […]

For the adventurous: Siberian packages from Koryo Tours

Those masters of extreme holiday destinations, Koryo Tours, have come up with something that tops even their much-lauded trips to North Korea and Turkmenistan. In July of this year, they’ll be leading a group to explore Magadan in Siberia, one of Russia’s most isolated regions. A four-hour flight north of Vladivostok (seriously, does it get […]