Novelty workouts that offer fun and torture in equal amounts

For the majority of us, working out is a rather daunting and vexatious task. Just a mere walk into your usual gym can be quite a pain—especially if it’s a weekly affair. To combat the gym-fatigue, here are ten different types of fitness classes you might want to consider signing up for.

Aqua yoga

Regular yoga classes too basic for you? Then take up aqua yoga, and find your zen on the waters. Do a combination of yoga as well as pilates-inspired movements on floating Boga FitMats in a pool. The Fitness Project conducts HydroFit Zen programmes which offer great aqua yoga workouts, so you know what to do. 


Really tap into your core strength and physical capabilities with calisthenics training. This form of exercise is pretty much gymnastics-based, and often focuses on compound movements in order to engage and work large muscle groups. Try it at The Yoga Collective, one of the few gym studios in Singapore that offers calisthenics classes.


An alternative to the ever-popular Muay Thai and boxing classes is Capoeira (try classes at Senzala Singapore), an Afro-Brazilian martial art that encompasses dance-like movements to bring fluidity into combat. The sparring style emphasises kicking, sweeping and taking down an opponent with the lower body. Don't feel deterred by the swift cartwheels and handstands performed by professional capoeiristas; you will soon find yourself in the groove of things thanks to the traditional music played during sessions.


Practice your downward dog with your furry companion at a yoga—or Doga—session. Organisers Super Cuddles conduct monthly yoga sessions for you and your favourite furkid to stretch and bond together. Benefits, other than the usual ones you get from a yoga sesh, include inculcating a greater sense of calmness in your pooch.

Drumstick workout

Ever find yourself headbanging and tapping the imaginary skins to your headphones? Now you can rock out with a pair of lightly weighted drumsticks at Pound and get some cardio in while unleashing your inner rockstar. Inspired by the infectiously energising full-body cardio of a drumming session, the workout calls for major strength and conditioning training that will test your rhythm, timing and coordination, as well as speed, agility, endurance, and musicality. Instead of keeping your eye on the clock, the drumming workout strategically directs your attention to your favourite music so reps don’t feel as torturous.


The stigma around pole dancing is quickly dissipating, especially among the younger generation, as it should be. Afterall, key benefits of pole include enhancing flexibility and physical strength at the same time, as well as improving self-confidence while you're at it. Try it at Slap Dance Studio or The Brass Barre for a safe, judgement-free experience. 


The force is strong with this one and your aching core muscles will vouch for it the next day. Inspired by Star Wars, SaberFit combines the fantasy of lightsaber combat with a high intensity workout, all set to adrenaline-pumping music. The striking techniques introduced at SaberFit works on your cardio, plyometrics, core and abdominal muscles; so the workout is hardly child’s play. Go on, grab a saber and meet us on the dark side. Siths and Jedis both welcome.


Probably the most mainstream of the list, spin classes have been making rigorous rounds in the fitness community. Essentially, a spin sesh is a cycling class on stationary bicycles led by a trainer that lasts 15-20 minutes, depending on your level of fitness. Though classes are conducted indoors, the workout will have your glutes screaming in the best way possible. There are many spin options in Singapore, but try CruCycle for a guaranteed kick.

Surfset Fitness

Inspired by the sport of surfing, Surfset Fitness’ eponymous workout combines elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle building and core training in just a 45min routine. You’re not even expected to head to the beach; just jump into a studio at Surfset Fitness Singapore and onto a surf simulator for an indoor surfing session. Not only is this an interesting class to attend, but those afraid of the water can also try their hand at surfing too.  

Trampoline workout 

BBounce’s signature rebounding class will take you through an intense cardio workout, all via a mini trampoline, aka a rebounder. Designed to be a low impact yet high intensity exercise, this full body workout also improves your balance and stability, as well as energy levels. At BBounce, there are over five different types of classes that target various muscle groups, like BBounce Lite for beginners and BBounce Core which focuses on abdomen tightening.