10 Cheesy Pick-up Lines Only Singaporeans Will Get

Ah, the perils of dating in Singapore. We’ve complained about the lack of eligible partners to some um, weird ways of professing your love, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our pick-up lines are just as odd. Here are some cheesy pickup lines that made the list:

1. The haze ends, but love doesn’t

2. Anyone here named Hui Ting?

3. Because grocery shopping is so romantic.

4. Easties, run for cover.

5. You know what they say about the way to a man’s heart…

6. Maybe the next Singapore rom-com will have this line:

7. She’s so fine, indeed:

8. There’s no reason to be single, even if you’re a complete shut-in

9. Shopping isn’t the only thing going on at Orchard

10. Because she’s got it goreng on…

Funny Pick-up Lines To Try on Your Next Tinder Match

The next time you want to hit your date up with a pick-up line, consider using one of these ten cheesy selections! You might make them cringe, but you’re just as likely to spark up a memorable conversation.