Earle Swensen’s launches Big S Sundaes at VivoCity

Born out of the same passion and dedicated vision to deliver consistent family-friendly halal-certified dining experiences as the beloved Swensen’s chain, Earle Swensen’s exquisite menu takes diners on a culinary journey that explores the latest trends and Singapore’s local flavours.

An elevated take on the brand’s ice cream restaurant concept, Earle Swensen’s continues to push the boundaries of innovation in food, keeping up with their mission to serve fresh and modern experiences.


, Earle Swensen’s launches Big S Sundaes at VivoCity


Making an epic entrance this season, the Big Swensen’s Sundae (or Big S Sundae) lands at Earle Swensen’s VivoCity. A literal giant bursting with sweet surprises and a plethora of bold flavours and textures, the ultra instagrammable Big S Sundae comes in three exciting flavours: The Unicorn, Pink on Fleek, and Chocasaurus.

More than enough even for 6 persons, go for The Unicorn if you’re looking for a massively adorable treat layered with Mint Chip gelato, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Yam Ice Cream topped with captivating helpings of rainbow marshmallows and unicorn toppers.

For fans of pretty things in pink, look forward to the stylish Pink on Fleek, featuring a duo of Strawberry Ice Cream and Wild Strawberry gelato, Vanilla Ice Cream, Belgian Waffles, Strawberry Pocky sticks, and fresh strawberries. For all-out decadence, indulge in Chocasaurus for a chocolatey overload with Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice Cream, Hazelnut gelato, Cookies ‘N’ Cream Ice Cream, crunchy cookie bits, Chocolate Pocky sticks, and crisp Chocolate Honeycomb.


, Earle Swensen’s launches Big S Sundaes at VivoCity


Another highly anticipated appearance this season, Earle Swensen’s crowd-favourite Salad Bar makes an exclusive return to their VivoCity and Jewel Changi Airport outlets.

Pick from over 20 reinvigorating items at the all-you-can-eat bar, including salad greens, comforting soup, freshly baked bread, a ham and cheese platter, fresh cut fruits, a refreshing coleslaw, potato salad, fruity salads and many more!

Head over to Earle Swensen’s at VivoCity or Jewel Changi Airport now to have a go at these delicious treats with your best buddies.


For more information, head over to Earle Swensen’s website here.