Ganko Sushi opens first Southeast Asian outlet in Singapore

Can’t get enough of Japanese food and their irresistible allure? Fans and gourmands will be delighted to learn that the internationally renowned Ganko Sushi has finally made their way to Singapore.

Finding a home in our city, this will be the 59-year-old Japanese chain’s first Southeast Asian outlet, serving up affordable, yet truly luxurious 12-course omakase experiences.


, Ganko Sushi opens first Southeast Asian outlet in Singapore


Boasting 100 outlets across Japan and Hong Kong, Ganko Sushi has consistently wowed diners with their exquisite omakase menu, showcasing incredible finesse with traditional Japanese culinary techniques. But their real accomplishment is how they’ve always persisted in serving up lavish experiences without us having to break the bank.

Offering authentic fare with an opulent touch, the restaurant’s seasonal ingredients are air-flown directly from Japan three times a week, ensuring we get the freshest produce and an evergreen menu that presents innovative creations with the change in seasons.

Helmed by Chef Kuwahara Toshuyuki, a top-notch itamae with 20 years of culinary experience under his belt, very dish is a stellar expression of his team’s skill and mastery. Demonstrating the fine art of Japanese cuisine, diners can look forward to a specially curated procession of zensai, soup, sashimi, takiawase, yakimono, premium sushi, and dessert.


, Ganko Sushi opens first Southeast Asian outlet in Singapore


Start on a high with their umami Abalone with Tosa Vinegar Jelly zensai, before indulging in a handpicked assortment of fresh sashimi straight from Osaka Central Market, including the beloved Chutoro Sashimi and Sea Urcihin with Egg Yolk. The stars of the meal, the meticulously prepared sushis on the menu feature exquisite selections such as Black Throat Seaperch Sushi, Grunt Fish Sushi, Sea Eel Sushi, and many more.

Other highlights on the omakase table include their Sea Bream Dobin Mushi, Lotus Root Mochi, Grilled Belt Fish, and unique Dessert of the Day.


If you’re already salivating, head over to Ganko Singapore’s Facebook page here for more information.