Little Farms welcomes guest chefs for exclusive wine-pairing dinners

Well-known for their specialty produce and high-quality groceries, Little Farms has consistently brought us fresh, ethically-sourced products that come directly from specially selected farmers and artisans all over the world. Delighting the local community with their impressive range of offerings, Little Farms has since grown from being a quality grocer to running their own café and restaurant.

This season, fans and foodies will be thrilled to learn that they’ll be hosting guest chefs Silvano D’Alessandro of Steampunk Espresso Bar & Cucinetta, and Anthony Schlenk of The Kitchen at Bec Hardy Wines in two exciting culinary events that promises to sweep local gourmands off their feet.


, Little Farms welcomes guest chefs for exclusive wine-pairing dinners


Come Feb 24 and 25, Little Farms at Tanglin Mall will welcome Chef Silvano and his one-of-a-kind 5-course dinner. Bringing an arsenal of Italian culinary expertise to the table, The Harvest Table menu will feature highlights such as Carpaccio Di Kingfish Hamakura and house-made potato Gnocchi with fermented portobello mushrooms. Following which, Chef will bring a mouth-watering grill-focused The Harvest BBQ menu to Little Farms at Katong Point on Feb 26, where diners get to indulge in the bold flavours of stars like Grilled Tiger Prawns.

Enhancing Chef Silvano’s delicious showcase, each course on his menu is paired with the finest wines from Gill Estate’s Rivah range. Complementing the fresh and delicate flavour of Kingfish is the Rivah Pinot Grigio, for instance. Chosen to balance out the dish’s flavours and allow the carpaccio to shine. The fruit-driven Rivah Malbec pairs the house-made Gnocchi, lending its rich plum aroma and a complex blend of cherry and spices to the umami dish. Diners will also be tasting the crisp Rivah Sauvignon Blanc, Rivah Tempranillo, and refreshing Rivah Rosé.


, Little Farms welcomes guest chefs for exclusive wine-pairing dinners


On Mar 10 and 11, Chef Anthony Schlenk’s Bec Hardy + Little Farms 5-course dinner will take over the kitchen at Tanglin Mall. Showcasing an Australian-inspired experience, the menu features highlights like Cured Akaroa Salmon, tender Wagyu Beef Tartar, and Beef Cheek Bourg. A casual Grill Night menu then follows at Katong Point on Mar 12, where diners will get to indulge in specialities like the Roaring Forties Lamb Cutlet and Seared O’Connor Beef Ribeye.

Pairing Chef Schlenk’s menus are the award-winning wines from Bec Hardy and Pertatinga ranges. Diners will get to enjoy a glass of Adelaide Sauvignon Blanc with their cured Salmon, before moving on to the bold and fruity Limestone Coast Sauvignon for their beef dishes.


To find out more, head over to Little Farms’ website here.