WOKE Ramen presents Singapore’s first wok hei ramen

Of the myriad of choices when it comes to comfort food in Singapore, ramen has always hold a special spot for its fuss-free experience and oh-so-rich broth. Presenting Singapore’s first-ever “wok hei ramen”, WOKE Ramen introduces a delicious cultural crossover between Japanese ramen broth and Chinese la mian, serving up bowls of springy noodles in […]

Little Farms welcomes guest chefs for exclusive wine-pairing dinners

Well-known for their specialty produce and high-quality groceries, Little Farms has consistently brought us fresh, ethically-sourced products that come directly from specially selected farmers and artisans all over the world. Delighting the local community with their impressive range of offerings, Little Farms has since grown from being a quality grocer to running their own café […]