Martell steps into a bold direction with new Martell Noblige bottle

, Martell steps into a bold direction with new Martell Noblige bottle

Maison Martell enjoys the distinction of being the oldest of the great cognac houses, renowned worldwide for the finesse and elegance of its cognacs – a result of a legacy of savoir-faire handed down through nine generations.

Today, the brand has taken a bold, daring step with the launch of the revamped Martell Noblige bottle; a fresh interpretation of the brand’s audacious spirit embodied by the slogan “Soar Beyond the Expected”.

Martell Noblige, one of Martell’s star products, comprises a minimum of 100 eaux-de-vie from the finest terroirs in the Cognac region, boasting a delicate flavor profile that showcases the Maison’s focus on exceptional quality.

Since its launch in the ‘80s, the cognac has been a celebration of over three centuries of innovation. With its new bottle and overall image, Martell Noblige calls out to a younger generation and urges them to be audacious, to break boundaries, and ultimately, redefine convention.

, Martell steps into a bold direction with new Martell Noblige bottle
Eddie Peng for Martell Noblige

To commemorate the launch of the revamped bottle, Martell appointed Eddie Peng, a celebrated Chinese actor, to serve as the new global spokesperson for Martell Noblige. 

Accompanying this announcement is the launch of “The Leap” – a short film featuring Peng and directed by international renowned artist, photographer and film director Wing Shya, who is also a long-tie collaborator of revered filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai.

The short film depicts how Peng has strived to overcome obstacles in his career and life in order to soar to new heights, and at the same time, aims to be an inspiration for a new generation of cognac lovers by encouraging them to continue striving and aiming high. 

Admired for his insatiable appetite for self-improvement and growth, Peng’s virtues are aligned with the spirit of the brand – that of surpassing oneself and going beyond the expected.

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