WOKE Ramen presents Singapore’s first wok hei ramen

Of the myriad of choices when it comes to comfort food in Singapore, ramen has always hold a special spot for its fuss-free experience and oh-so-rich broth. Presenting Singapore’s first-ever “wok hei ramen”, WOKE Ramen introduces a delicious cultural crossover between Japanese ramen broth and Chinese la mian, serving up bowls of springy noodles in soup laced with a distinct smoky savoury taste courtesy of the ample wok hei goodness that goes into it.


, WOKE Ramen presents Singapore’s first wok hei ramen


A treasured element in Asian cuisine, wok hei’s prized smokiness comes from skilful cooking with an Asian bowed wok. Available at Terminal 1 of our iconic Changi Airport, WOKE Ramen infuses that smoky flavour into bowls of irresistible ramen by stir-frying their ramen in seasoned woks before dousing them in creamy chicken collagen broth or a rich prawn paste broth.

Made by simmering pure chicken bones and cartilage for over eight hours, their silky Chicken Collagen Broth offers every bit of essence, taste, and collagen goodness that can be extracted from chickens. Diners get to choose from five different renditions of collagen ramen, including the must-try Chicken Chashu Collagen Ramen with grilled chicken chashu, Chicken Katsu Collagen Ramen, Chicken Gyoza Collagen Ramen, a classic Chicken Collagen Ramen, and a Prawn Paste Collagen Ramen that adds a touch of sweetness to the bowl with their signature prawn paste balls.


, WOKE Ramen presents Singapore’s first wok hei ramen


Taking prawn broths to another level, WOKE Ramen boils fresh sea prawn heads with chicken broth to get a rich flavour overflowing with the sweetness of the ocean. For diners looking to excite their palate, their Prawn Paste Ramen is absolutely not to be missed. They also offer fresh Tiger Prawns with their Tiger Prawn Ramen, or simply go for the full works with their Seafood Mix Prawn Ramen.

Looking for a mix of other protein flavours? The Chicken Chashu Prawn Ramen marries grilled chicken chashu with sweet prawn broth. Alternatively, bite into juicy dumplings with their Chicken Gyoza Prawn Ramen.

Sides to look out for at WOKE include highlights like their Chicken Karaage, Golden Beancurd Skin, and Mentaiko Fries.


And that’s not all: in celebration of WOKE Ramen’s first store opening in Singapore, they’ll be running a 1-for-1 promotion on all their ramen from Feb 28 to Mar 02! Limited to the first 100 bowls daily, be sure to grab your buddies and head over soon to try their unforgettable ramen for yourself.


For more information, check out WOKE Ramen’s Facebook page here.