Ambassadors of Rock featuring Blondie Farewell Tour

Blondie’s current lineup consists of drummer Clem Burke, keyboardists Jimmy Destri and Kevin Patrick, bassist Leigh Foxx, guitarist Chris Stein and vocalist Deborah Harry. Formed in 1974, this group disbanded in 1982, and made a successful comeback in 1998. Now the band is bidding farewell for the second time with one kick-ass gig.
Blondie draws its influences from punk to new wave and is loved for songs such as “In The Flesh,” “Heart of Glass,” “Denis,” “Sunday Girl,” “Call Me,” “Maria” and “Rapture.” Besides having toured with Iggy Pop and David Bowie, the band has also been included in the Hollywood Rock & Roll Wall of Fame recently. This cool act has been credited with influencing musicians such as Madonna, Blur, Shirley Manson and Gwen Stefani. Undoubtedly, Blondie has a long list of achievements under its belt.
But like every veteran band, Blondie had its fair share of downs too. The early ’80s saw the group declining in popularity, with the album The Hunter receiving mediocre reviews. Reports of tension within the band were rampant. After Stein was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, Blondie split up.
The band was reformed in 1998, with the album No Exit. If you are a fan of Blondie, this gig is a must-see following their stint two years ago here at Fort Canning Park. Relive how far Blondie has come over the years with their music, and sing along to their very infectious numbers. It’s going to be a searing show. Catch the act before it disappears—again.