Boxing organizer John Leung

You intend to fill 2,248 seats at Suntec for your event Showdown in Singapore. Will you buy 4D for that number?
Thanks for the reminder! I hope the stadium is going
to be full. It will be a real shame if it is not as Singapore was the Mecca for boxing in Asia in ’60s and ’70s.
Do you box yourself? Do you aspire to be the next Muhammad Ali or Rocky Marciano?
I train only to keep in shape, but you never know—I might bring white-collar boxing to town and you may see me in the ring against a friend! But you cannot mention me in same breath as Ali or Marciano. I am most definitely not worthy!
We’re curious. Do boxers wear anything beneath their flimsy-looking shorts?
Oh yes! An absolute must is a groin protector. It’s where the expression “below the belt” originates. Boxers are not supposed to hit below the belt.
Kangaroos are known to be good boxers. Do you think they’ll make good opponents?
Erm, I’m an animal lover, so I rather I not fight them. Besides, I think one would get kicked more by a kangaroo. Maybe they belong in a Thai boxing ring?
What is your long-term dream for the boxing scene in Singapore?
To hold world class fights on regular basis in Singapore. And I want to start a decent downtown boxing gym. And I hope corporate companies will get behind world-class boxers who compete at top amateur level such as in the Olympics, and subsequently on a professional level.