Brian Gothong Tan’s latest installation, Signs, Omens and Relics of Faith

Like his installation We Live in a Dangerous World where a dissected Merlion lies near a video of a man disguised as Annabel Chong, visual artist Brian Gothong Tan’s latest work too comprises seemingly unrelated beings such as Mao Zedong and Isabella Chen (or better known as the “Sarong Party Girl” blogger) on TVs. This time, he seeks to give a different and playful perspective on the urban spaces we tread everyday.
“Basically, this whole installation is about the city and my understanding of it,” quips Tan, who is currently a resident at TheatreWorks’s sprawling new art space 72-13.
Sited near the TVs are some miniature buildings, Astroboy and a Mao Ze Dong statue. “I hope to recreate the city here, telling people to be their own architect. I also brought in this Mao Zedong statue which I thought looks like Lee Kuan Yew. I don’t want to be too literal. I just want to draw connections between ideas,” he explains.
With fun exhibits and by engaging the viewer in an interactive manner, Signs, Omens and Relics of Faith attempts to encourage one to rethink behavior in the city. Come explore before the show ends and see if you will leave with a different insight on urban spaces.