The Messengers

Danny and Oxide Pang (The Eye), shame on you! We all knew it was only a matter of time before your innovative and intelligent take on the horror genre put you guys on Hollywood’s radar, but did you really have to debut with the tired rehash of horror clichés that is The Messengers?Leaving big city […]

State of Indie-Pendence

More indie fashion boutiques are cropping up all over town. Here are seven more to check out.

Style Council

The tech toys that strike the perfect balance between being geek and gorgeous.

Beyond the ‘Burbs

So you don’t live in River Valley or near East Coast—fret not. There are stand-alone trendy eateries and cafes out in the far reaches of the island that are worth checking out, so no complaining now.

On Quay

With the bars and clubs at The Cannery pumping every night of the week, Clarke Quay is now the “it” precinct to party in. Even the seemingly endless rain of the last few weeks hasn’t deterred punters, with The Clinic, Kandi Bar, and other hot new places like a Scottish pub Highlander and microbrewery The […]

Toast to the Host

We ran around to get tips of the trade from the maitre d—the indispensable person behind the machinations of a restaurant.