Indie band, Tiramisu

Eight-year-old indie act Tiramisu used to be all stiff and dull on stage, with only a twitch now and then from its members. Now with experience and a fairly new lineup that comprises Rizman Putra, Norazlan Misnan, Athif, Keith Su and Syed Ahmad, it’s electrifying gigs one after another.
One remembers Tiramisu for the members’ outrageous costumes on stage. So what’s the latest craze for the band? “I like old tai tai clothes. I shop for the band, and normally I’ll pick tai tai clothes for the other members too. I have a fetish for women’s swimming costumes, stockings, legwarmers and hip hop apparel also,” says Rizman Putra, the vocalist of Tiramisu.
Putra takes his pick for gig outfits from the Salvation Army a week before a show. The rest of the band members get to see the costumes only a few hours before their performances.
One reason that could account for Tiramisu’s wild gigs is that these self-confessed poseurs are in love—with themselves. “Normally we don’t really care about the crowd. We used to perform to only 15 to 20 people. The most important thing is to just have fun. Most of the time, the audience is secondary. We perform for ourselves first, then the crowd! Haha. The stage is a cathartic space where we release our hidden emotions,” says.
Tiramisu apparently enjoys what it does, and has grown much over the years. The band will play at Baybeats 2006—The Indie Alternative Music Festival of the Region next. Come dressed up too, and get set for a rocking time.