Week of July 7, 2006

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22): This will be an excellent time—maybe one of the best weeks ever—to try herding cats, coaxing hermits to do karaoke, and getting anorexics to eat veggie burgers with all the fixings. In other words, Cancerian, the once-inconceivable may become likely. The adventures you swore you would never have the courage to […]

Brunch Time

Where to get a good a la carte feed when it’s not quite breakfast and not quite lunch.

The Calling

Expect mobiles galore as we look at the hottest and best in our latest round-up.

Indie band, Tiramisu

Tiramisu has evolved from a boring and staid band into a maniacal circus out to raze the stage.

Clarke Quay roofer, Stoni

I-S speaks to the mild-mannered Stoni about what it’s like to be part of installing those unique, UFO-looking roof structures above Clarke Quay.

California Bistro

Step into California Bistro and you’ll feel like you’ve entered someone’s kitchen. Yellow lighting, black and white photographs and rattan chairs. The trance and rock tunes don’t exactly go together, yet they do create a strangely casual feel for the restaurant. American food is the hallmark of the restaurant, with pasta, pizza, ribs and cakes […]


In 2004, Italian duo Stephane Colleoni and Diego Chairini brought us the superb fine dining restaurant Oso. This year, they opened a trattoria, Papi, in the gradually moving upscale neighborhood of Mohamed Sultan Road. You get everything you’d expect: A menu heavily based on pizzas and pastas, with a decent selection of antipastis and desserts. […]