Interview: Dane Reinacher on Peter Zimmerman’s “crystal & fruits”

His abstract paintings are a departure from his previous works which play with the written word. Why so?
Departing from his visual research and painterly practice of his very first Book Cover Paintings, Zimmermann established the bases of reading text as image and image as meaning. His paintings, although not engaging anymore with the written word, nevertheless convey pictorial meanings and are in tune with the fortuity of contemporary existence.

What are some of the themes apparent in this new series?
Zimmermann’s works reflect upon the visually intricate environment contemporary society is subject to and determined by; and they also reflect on the improbability of images to be independently interpreted. Every modern image is a result of a multitude of visual influences and pictorial languages; the notion of the Web, in particular that of a pictorial web, is paramount in our culture.

What can artgoers expect at the show?
Curatorially, Zimmermann wanted to transform the gallery space with his large scale monochromatic paintings into a new energetic field and spiritual space into a “chapel of colour” of sorts. And this is exactly what the viewer is experiencing in our gallery space being confronted with his glossy, translucent paintings.

crystal & fruits is on through July 7 at the Michael Janssen Gallery, Gilmann Barracks.