Sophie Bakery

This first Singapore outlet by the French bakery chain is a convenient place to pick up pain au chocolat ($2.90) or—even better—plush white chocolate-studded buns ($2.00) for breakfast, and crusty baguette ($2.90) to go with dinner.

Matt’s The Chocolate Shop

Owned by Matthew Chow, this narrow minimalist store with all-white furnishings offers a menu that’s just as spare as the decor. The focus is simple ganache-topped chocolate cakes, which come in two sizes: Individual minis ($4) and 1kg-whole cakes ($48). Saturdays are for order collection only. Eat this at Matt’s the Chocolate Shop: Chocolate cake. […]

Top Burger Joints in Singapore

Nothing satisfies like a big juicy patty—it’s the quintessential handheld meal. Get your fix at these burger specialists.

Interview: Anthony Chen

The 29-year-old London-based director is the first Singaporean to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival (Ilo, Ilo took home the Camera D’Or trophy recently and will screen at local cinemas in August). He talks to Terry Ong about the highs and lows of filmmaking.

Interview: Olivia Sari-Goerlach

Home Club’s unofficial archivist documents a year of scenesters that have passed through the doors of this indie breeding ground in a new book, The Home Club Portraiture Project.

Interview: Dane Reinacher on Peter Zimmerman’s “crystal & fruits”

Acclaimed abstract artist Peter Zimmerman deconstructs traditional pictorial concepts in his works, resulting in an explosive collection of pieces featuring intense colors with multi-layered epoxy paint in his first solo show here. Gallery director Dane Reinacher breaks down Zimmermann’s various abstractions for us.

Interview: Michael Chiang

The local playwright behind wildly popular play, film and novel Army Daze is back after a 14-year hiatus with a new production inspired by the Singapore tai-tai. He tells us about the changes in his life and society before the restaging of the old favorite, and the opening of High Class, in July.