Interview: Dave Angel, Kaye and Norman Chung

If you could DJ in any location, where would it be? Dave Angel (DA): Sentosa Beach, I had a great time performing there before.
Kaye (K): I’d follow in Johnny Cash’s footsteps and perform in prisons to shine some light.
Norman Chung (NC): In zero gravity.
Are there any jazz influences in your sets?
DA: Not much in my set but definitely in the music I create.
K: Yes, it’s everywhere.
NC: Just a touch.
Describe your style in a haiku…
Exciting, relentless and true.
K: I am who I am. Open your ears.
NC: What is a haiku? This interview is over. Thank you very much.
What song would be on your MP3 player if you had to run a marathon?
“Filles de Killmanjaro” by Miles Davis and some early electro.
K: Jeff Mills, techno tempo is good for running.
NC: “Chase” by Giorgio Moroder.
If music was a woman, describe her.
Just like my wife: Sexy, beautiful, charming, loyal and mine.
K: Curvy, black and with a huge afro.
NC: She is in tune, on time and turns me on.
Catch the trio in action at the Blue Velveteen Grey Goose Sessions.