Interview: Justin Bratton for Heineken’s The Passport campaign

The expedition was… challenging but fulfilling. It’s heart-warming to see how people are willing to help you unconditionally.
I’ve learnt (from The Passport experience) that… a smile can take you places.
I never leave home without… my music and my phone.
My biggest pet peeve is… bad covers of the songs I love.
Asian girls are… Asian. It’s hard to label one large continent!
The universe is… round: what goes around comes around.
I get turned on when… an attractive girl shows off her intellectually philosophical side.
The one thing I hate about traveling is… crying babies on a long-haul flight.
The craziest destination I’ve been to is… Bangkok, which is chaotic but calm, in a surreal way.
As a kid, I was… a geek who read a lot on dinosaurs, animals and insects.
Follow Justin Bratton’s journey at the official The Passport website.