Just 17

On the occasion of our 17th anniversary we sought the views of a random selection of the nation’s 17 year olds, for some honest and unvarnished insight into what we need to do to stay current and on trend as the city’s leading lifestyle magazine. The results were… mixed. Here’s what they had to say.i […]

Societe Canteen

Brunch brings fresh simple items like the big breakfast ($18)—scrambled eggs with bacon, spinach and tomatoes—and baked eggs ($16) at this Melbourne-style cafe.

Interview: Cherylene Liew

Soprano Cherylene Liew, set to sing at the Singapore Lyric Opera Gala Concert Mother Daughter Wife and Lover A Celebration of Women in Opera, shares about the emotions and relationships that drive her to perform.

Interview: Pico Iyer for the Singapore Writers Festival 2012

Pico Iyer has written extensively on such diverse subjects as Japanese baseball, Leonard Cohen and the Dalai Lama. His most recent book, The Man Within My Head, delves into his lifelong obsession with Graham Greene. He spoke to us about his journeys, large and small.

Who’s Afraid of Yelp?

Online review giant Yelp is now in Singapore. Chin Hui Wen investigates if it’ll sink or swim.

Interview: Justin Bratton for Heineken’s The Passport campaign

The protagonist of Heineken’s latest digital campaign The Passport traversed the ancient spice trade route from Shangdu, Mongolia to Bangkok, Thailand with nothing else but his wits, charm and bottles of Heineken. Justin Bratton recounts his journey, amongst other things, to Crystal Lee.

17++ Awesome Xperiences

It’s our birthday, but you get to do all the fun stuff. Here are 17 (and more) fabulous activities that the I-S team has lined up just for you.