Interview: The Script

Science & Faith made it to number one in both Ireland and the UK. How did you celebrate?
I celebrated by having a little bit more fish and chips than I normally would.
Which is your favorite track from your new album Science & Faith?
“You Won’t Feel A Thing.” We’ve been opening up the shows with that song and it was just crazy.
“The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” turned out to be a chart-topping hit, and is one of our favorite songs. Just who is the man who can’t be moved?
The man who can’t be moved is each of us in the past; me right now. We all have some points in our lives when we’re like that, because the song is about taking action.
Someone commented on the music video for “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” on YouTube: “He’s hot. Nuff’ said.” Who do you think the commenter is referring to?
If a girl made that comment, it would be me! I am the hottest, the guy with the drums! If a guy made that comment, it would be for Danny.
If you grew up in the la-la land of rainbows and butterflies, do you think your music would be more bubblegum-pop material, something Miley Cyrus-esque?
No. We would just be very happy but we won’t do the same. I wouldn’t be buying her albums but I think she’s a very talented girl.
Can we expect more light-hearted songs from the band’s future albums?
Maybe, if I get a girlfriend and then marry her.
Both Bram Stoker and U2 are fellow Dubliners. Who do you identify with more?
Definitely Bram Stoker! I want to be one of his characters, Dracula. Who wouldn’t want to be Dracula? You could sleep all day and live forever.
What do you miss from home when you’re on tour?
Family, Guinness and chipper [fish and chip shops].
What do you think playing in Singapore will be like?
We think it’s going to be crazy because we get a lot of questions from people in Singapore on Twitter everyday, asking us when we are coming. We didn’t realize we had so many fans over there.
Catch The Script on Apr 12, Fort Canning Park, 51 Canning Rise, 6332-1302. $98-110 from Sistic.