Rock to the Beat of The Drums

Come May 16, New York’s exciting indie-pop band, The Drums will be making their way to Singapore for the first time ever. Lead by charismatic vocalist, Jonathan Pierce together with Jacob Graham on guitar and Connor Hanwick on drums, the trio are set to ignite St James Power Station, Power House on fire with their […]

Enjoy a Club Med Holiday at Kids’ Prices

UOB credit card holders and Club Med members will now get to enjoy a stay at selected Club Med resorts at kids’ prices (for a limited time only). The 5D4N stay includes a variety of idyllic and gorgeous locations like Cherating Beach (S$684), Phuket (S$688), Bali (S$792), and Kani, Maldives (S$2,016). All prices are for […]

Interview: Goldie

Zul Andra speaks to the legendary drum and bass DJ-producer ahead of his much-awaited set at Home Club.

A for Effort, E for Relevance

Call me jaded—but I sure did not have fun at the four-day Men’s Fashion Week fiesta which took place last weekend.

Maid for Each Other

A photo showing a maid trailing behind a national serviceman, carrying his field pack while he fiddles with his phone, has drawn the ire of many folk who see it as further proof that we’re becoming a nation of softies. But what’s the big deal?

Free Will Astrology, Week of April 8, 2011

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): When he was three years old, actor Charlie Sheen got a hernia from yelling too much and too loud. I definitely don’t encourage you to be like that. However, I do think it’s an excellent time to tune in to the extravagant emotions that first made an appearance when you were very young and that have continued to be a source of light and heat for you ever since. Maybe righteous anger is one of those vitalizing emotions, but there must be others as well—crazy longing, ferocious joy, insatiable curiosity, primal laughter. Get in touch with them.

Mr KIA Apr 8

What is up with all my friends? They always seem to be attending these gigs and concerts featuring bands I have never heard of! I feel so left out; I want my friends back. My social life is suffering!