Isabella Chiam from The Swimming Instructor

What’s a nice girl from a proper family like you doing prancing around with two guys wearing almost nothing?
Correction, darling. Rich, not proper. And I don’t just prance, I dance circles around both of them.
How much actual swimming do you get done during your lessons?
Not much. By the time I’m done with all that flirting, I don’t really get to swim much—if you know what I mean.
What do you hope to get out of your lessons?
Let’s see, if I can master the “freestyle” and the “breaststroke,” I’d be one happy little girl. And I’m already half way there.
Don’t you think that all this parading in skimpy swimwear is a bit too Baywatch?
Well, for one, there aren’t any double D-cups. And we are just that little bit wittier.
You’re rich, pretty and smart—we’re sure you have lots of guys at your disposal. Why go for a dull, aimless fellow with a dead-end job?
Darling, have you actually seen the guy? Besides, he is actually nice.
Now we get serious: Do you think your family problems are part of the reason for your urge to seek solace in meaningless material and physical pleasures?
Yes. Anything else about my troubled psyche that you would like to delve into?
Would you agree that sex sells?
It’s relative. You can’t exactly use sex to sell baby powder, can you? Don’t even go there!
Finally, where can we get that darling red-hot bikini that you’re wearing?
I chanced upon it while shopping at Bods.Bodyknits. But don’t you dare even think of buying it.